Online Help and Frequently Asked Questions
Online Today Setup Instructions for Dialup Networking

1: From your Desktop, Double-click on My Computer.

2: Next, Double-click on Dialup Networking. (Note- If you do not have an icon for Dialup Networking even after you maximize the window, locate your Windows CD and call technical support at 972-386-9906 or 817-259-9411)

3: Double-click on Make New Connection. This opens the Connection Wizard.

4: Change the name from "My Connection" to ONT and click Next.

5: If you are in the 972 area, leave the area code blank and in the section that says "Phone Number" enter 9728669411 or 8172599411. This will force Windows to dial using 10 digits.

6: Click Next and the Click Finish.

7: You should see a new icon inside Dialup Networking named ONT. Right-click on the ONT icon and left-click on Create Shortcut. Click Yes to the window that pops up and close out of Dialup Networking and My Computer.

8: To connect to Online Today, double-click on the icon that is on your Desktop named Shortcut to ONT. Put in your user name and password (all in lowercase) and click Connect.

If you experience any problems our Technical Support Line is (972)386-9906 or (817)858-5511 and it is a 24 hour line so someone will be there to answer your call.