Online Help and Frequently Asked Questions

1:  Open up Netscape and goto Edit and then Preferences.  (If you do not see this option, then you have an earlier version of Netscape.)

2:  When the Preferences window opens up, it should go by default to the Navigator section.  If it doesn't, double click on the word Navigator inside the window on the left-hand side.

3:  You can modify your Home page to whatever you like.  Most people use search engines such as,, and  It is your start page, so you can set it to what you want.  Our start page address is

4:  Next, double-click on the section that says Mail & NewsGroups.  (It may say Mail and Groups or Mail and Identity).

5:  Once that section is selected, there should be a list of options below where it says Mail & Newsgroups, and one of them should be Identity.  click on Identity and then over on the right-hand side answer some of the questions that it asks.

6:  What you put in the field that says Your Name will be displayed on all email that are sent out.  Your email address is the username that you choose and (i.e. or  There is no need to enter in the Reply-to Address unless you want it to be different that your ont email address.  Organization and Signature File are not needed and can be left blank.

7:  Back in the window on the left, under Mail & News and Identity there should be an option for Mail Servers or something similar.  Double-click  on Mail Servers.  (If you do not have this field, then your version of Netscape doesn't have mail capabilities.)

8:  In the window on the right, there are several options.  What we are looking for is one that says Outgoing mail (SMTP Server.  The address for that is

9.  Next, on that same screen there should be something that says Incoming Mail Server.  Depending on the version of Netscape there will either be a blank next to this or a box with an option for Add.  If it is just a blank, enter and for the pop user name put your user name (i.e.  bob or bshatner)  If your version has the Add button, click on Add and that will bring up a separate window that will ask for the same information.  You should also be able to checkmark the box that says Remember Password here as well.

10:  Finally, click OK until it takes you back to the main browser window and that is it.  To check your mail, click on the icon in the bottom right of the browser window that looks like an envelope.

If you experience any problems our Technical Support Line is (972)386-9906 or (817)858-5511 and it is a 24 hour line so someone will be there to answer your call.