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Welcome to Online Today.  These notes will help you to get started to use the Internet on your computer. The Internet is a vast network of computers connected together by phone lines. Once you get connected to our computers at ONT Headquarters, you will have an open gateway to the Internet computers around the world for information, business, shopping, entertainment and much more.

Before we get started please use this sheet to keep a record of some important information you will need to get connected to the Internet.


First write your "username" and password, your "username" also will be part of your E-mail address.



Your E-mail address is going to be your: "username"
Write down your E-mail address now:

Your E-mail is:

(your username)

If your account allows you to have a home page on the Internet, call us at (972) 386-9906 or (817) 858-5511 to receive your Internet address and set up your space on our server.


First go to the "My Computer" icon, double-click it and look for the "Control Panel" icon, then double-click on it.

In "Control Panel", double-click on the " Dial-up Networking " icon. Double-click on the "Make new Connection" icon. Type ONT for the name of the new connection(the computer you are dialing), make sure your modem is selected, and click Next.

Type in the ONT phone number: 214-446-9411 for Dallas and Collin Counties and 817-259-9411 for Fort Worth and Tarrant Counties (NOTE: Make sure the "Area Code" field is blank. You must enter all 10 digits in the "Telephone Number" field to make connection). Click Next. When making a new connection, if the Dial-Up Adapter is not installed, it will prompt you to install it at this point. Click OK if it does prompt you.

It will then prompt you that "You have successfully created a new Dial-Up Networking connection called: ONT ". Click Finish

In the Dial-up Network window click with your right-mouse-button on the ONT icon and select Properties. Remove the check mark from 'Use area code and Dialing Properties.

Click OK. That's it!

Go to the Dial-up Networking window, click and drag the ONT connection icon to your desktop and click yes to "create a shortcut". Now just double-click on the ONT icon. Type your username and password and you are ready to go surf the Internet!!!

If you have any problems call our 24-Hour Tech Support at
972-386-9906 / 817-858-5511


Visit our web site for the latest news and technical support information


VI)  ONT General Information

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We do not use DNS numbers in our settings