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Since 1992

Dialup Services Starting at $9.95
Internet access for the 214/972/469 and 817 area codes!
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How to set your computer up to dial into our roaming access numbers.

1: From your Desktop, Double-click on My Computer.

2: Next, Double-click on Dialup Networking. (Note- If you do not have an icon for Dialup Networking even after you maximize the window, locate your Windows CD and call technical support at 972-386-9906 or 817-858-5511)

3: Double click on the icon that says 'Make New Connection' and then change the name of the connection from My Connection to 'Roaming Connection' and click next.

4: Enter the area code and number of the access number (located here) and click next again.

5: Click finish and then double click on the icon named 'Roaming Connection' and change your username and password.  It is important to remember that for you to be able to connect to our roaming numbers, you must put after your username: i.e. rather than bob.

6: Choose connect and it will dial up and connect to our roaming access number!  (Dialup Networking will not save your username and password untill you make a valid connection.)

If you experience any problems our Technical Support Line is (972)386-9906 or (817)858-5511 and it is a 24 hour line so someone will be there to answer your call.

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